I’m In!

It’s been a day to hold on to rather happily and tightly–a successful move managed mostly by a woman with men working for her and a son as back-up. Furniture is arranged, piano plays nicely, beds together and kitchen has food–plus a full office is together in the best way in many years. The electronics will sort themselves out this coming week while this sister spends most of all day every day getting things organized since they are in boxes, and big boxes and even bigger boxes and bags too, oh yes, bags too. The movers were pretty amazing consider the things they moved firs out, on the elevator which wasn’t so bad and then in which was heavy things up two flights of stairs, really heavy things. And while I’m not thrilled to spend time paying attention to the details of organizing it needs to be done. Nice to be able to do it as I want it done and having the time to do it so I’ll have music playing while I sort or sort and sort some more. Happy in so many ways so thanks to everyone who has made this possible and thanks to the universe, for just being home to us beings–or humans or critters?


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