Ok, The President Agrees, It Is Time For A Change

Ok, The President Agrees, It Is Time For A Change

Well, this did not get a lot of publicity but it is important. POTUS thinks offensive names deserve to be consigned to the bins of history. Team owners, managers, players–all sports–are you listening? If any of you think this was some sort of off the cuff comment, wake up. Racism is still far too alive and present in major USA sports. Both the interviewer and Obama gave this topic time and attention.

Now it is time for the owners to make the changes. Fans–suggestion: stop buying team merchandise. Support the team with the colors but get the owners’ attentions by impacting their bottom line profits. 


Racism is Sports is Supported by MLB Right Now

Racism is Sports is Supported by MLB Right Now

Chief Wahoo is racist. These pictures show the 21st century version of black face, trivializing indigenous people, continuing ignorance and creating the seeds of contempt and hate. it is time for MLB to formally take the team owners to task, demand changes and stop teaching children and young people that identifying a race of people as worthy of caricature is fine in the name of profit. To the team players, you too are responsible since you profit from the team identity. Now that you are not in contention start petitioning for a change.

To the fans of Cleveland and the sport and team: it is time to retire these sdymbols, create a new identity and make it someting everyone in Cleveland and all throughout Amerrica can look on with pride and enjoyment. 

Honey We HAVE to Talk– & it’s a Great Thing

Honey We HAVE to Talk– & it’s a Great Thing

“Further, higher well-being was associated with having less small talk, r = -.33, and more substantive conversations, r = .28. To illustrate the magnitude of these effects, compared to the unhappiest participants (-2.0 SD) the happiest participants (+1.5 SD) spent 25% less time alone (58.6% vs. 76.8%) and 70% more time talking (39.7% vs. 23.2%). They also had roughly one third as much small talk (10.2% vs. 28.3%) and twice as many substantive conversations (45.9% vs. 21.8%).”

Rather solid to know conversations matter more than chatter–is twitter listening? Or maybe tweeters like being miserable? 

Time for A Legacy Change

Time for A Legacy Change

The link says it all: ZERO, as in, none, no one, nada, nothing, aero, null, naid, nessuno, nope, hangkong, zilch, kokuki no, cero,  and 0000000–even in revenue! Perhaps all of MBL might today wake up and realize it is time to join the 21st century–and address the profiteering(which is evidently shrinking), outdated, loimited standards and rather obvious racism of the entire organization. Start with the obvious profile:

Who owns the teams,

what are the demographics(and maybe change from race to skin color for identificatio’s sake),

who are the owners(not young–being polite, male and white would be a good place to start),

who are the players(young, male, mostly dark skinned and talented) and,

who are the vanishing fans: older, mostly white skinned, mostly but not entirely male.

Where are the future fans?

All over the worldf–MLB can be the greatest American export of all time–maybe. But not as it is structured, identified, personified and labeled today.

Where is the rather obvious tipping point? Try skin color as the first consideration.

Mow, toss in the population demographics–or the world, considering media capabilities and it is time for the Major League to have a MAJOR overall overhaul. Mr. Selig, are you listening? What legacy do you really want to leave your beloved sport? To the Dolan family–with all the family interests,m from media to arenas, to teams in several markets–it is time for you to lead a change, a rebranding if you will.

When I sued the Cleveland team under the US Civil Rights’ laws, 1999-2000 the case stalled becaue of a US Supreme court Case that was aligned legally too closely and too wrongly decided for us to continue–the precedent was simply too close. Now though the issue of team identity is still alive–and finally the economics should be cathing your attention. I still stand ready to enter the conversations and full participation by all of us involved matters since without us, well, any decision you make is simply one more white, male, weaalthy excercise of corporate power. Certainly it is your real and absolutely legal right to do a team rebranding. But to reach the fan base you need a new approach and perhaps one outside the courthouse walls. Maybe even outside the protest lines. Perhaps a conversation would be a solid place to start.

If you ask around just a bit I strongly suspect you will find someone you know rather well who knows how to reach me directly, Or you can simply post a reply here. “Honoring” a troubled past with exploitative names and images? Well, is that the legacy you want to be remembered for and by–inside your own families and to the world of the 21st century? 

Somehow I doubt it. 

Dreams Today

Hi Karen,
Today is the 50th anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King’s Dream speach–where were you when you first heard it?
I remember hearing it on the news either the day it happened of just afterwards. I do not remember anything racist from our father but there was a sort of they are them and we are us and both are different feel to the family. It was separate but equal thinking, which after sitting in Church andf weekly hearing the readings and preaching never made sense to me. It still doesn’t.
I don’t know if you’ve seen some of the latest work in bio-connections and bio-modifications but it seems to be progressing ever faster. yesterday I saw yet another report of using electronics to connect two people and have remotely triggered movement. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130827122713.htm
When are we going to recognize this as society and figure out we need to find ways to be ok with each other? It is so basic I barely know where to start the discussions…so, Sis, suggestions welcome. We all have this one life and it is beautiful. I find it most beautiful when shared. You?
I like nice dreams and want a few for everyone in my life, you included! What are you dreaming of today?