Sherringford Holmes

Sherringford Holmes


“My dear Watson”

What is in a name?

Who, really, was Sherringford? Who, really, should the Cleveland MLB team be, to bring real pride to the city, the players and the fans? 


Opening Day 2014

Today this letter has been submitted to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It is another opening day is a racist sport in a city with a racist team. WE can do better.

April 4, 2014

Dear Cleveland Plain Dealer Editors,

Today we are asking the fans and the owners, Larry Dolan and the Dolan family, the players and the team management and the full leadership of MLB to step up to the plate and do the right thing: Change the Cleveland MLB team name and logo. Using the identity of a proud race of people for profit is wrong. Exploiting a racist identity is wrong. Keeping a relic of our shared racist past in front of children today perpetuates that violently horrible type of thinking and is wrong.

Here in Cleveland many have debated, discussed and argued over this team name and mascot, for decades. We have been involved in those discussions, those demonstrations and the formal legal filings. Yet this issue is not really one in need of court decisions—it belongs in the hearts of the fans throughout MLB and the good people of Greater Cleveland.

The team has had other names in the past, many MLB teams have. Today, with Opening Day arrived at our doorstep for the 2014 MLB Cleveland Season it is time to move forward, retire the name, create a new logo and give the team, the players and all of those who love America’s pastime something to be proud of, the courage shown by doing the right thing.

We ask everyone to come together, with good will, decency and integrity and create a new team name and a new logo. We can move beyond yesterday, make today a good day and build a better tomorrow.


Sherrie Noble                    Robert Roche

Racism is Sports is Supported by MLB Right Now

Racism is Sports is Supported by MLB Right Now

Chief Wahoo is racist. These pictures show the 21st century version of black face, trivializing indigenous people, continuing ignorance and creating the seeds of contempt and hate. it is time for MLB to formally take the team owners to task, demand changes and stop teaching children and young people that identifying a race of people as worthy of caricature is fine in the name of profit. To the team players, you too are responsible since you profit from the team identity. Now that you are not in contention start petitioning for a change.

To the fans of Cleveland and the sport and team: it is time to retire these sdymbols, create a new identity and make it someting everyone in Cleveland and all throughout Amerrica can look on with pride and enjoyment. 

Time For A Change

Americans are a mix of many people, from many places but using the identity of a any race of people for profit is exploitive and wrong. Chief Wahoo is a cartoon caricature, demeaning and silly, and should have no place in a city with the long and proud history of Cleveland. It is time for a modern, honorable and positive team identity. Looking forward all players, fans and their children deserve better. It is time to start a new tradition, for Cleveland, baseball and the entire following of the American national pastime. Wear the team colors to support the team and demand a change, from the team owners and from Major League Baseball leadership.