Sherringford Holmes

Sherringford Holmes


“My dear Watson”

What is in a name?

Who, really, was Sherringford? Who, really, should the Cleveland MLB team be, to bring real pride to the city, the players and the fans? 


Ok, The President Agrees, It Is Time For A Change

Ok, The President Agrees, It Is Time For A Change

Well, this did not get a lot of publicity but it is important. POTUS thinks offensive names deserve to be consigned to the bins of history. Team owners, managers, players–all sports–are you listening? If any of you think this was some sort of off the cuff comment, wake up. Racism is still far too alive and present in major USA sports. Both the interviewer and Obama gave this topic time and attention.

Now it is time for the owners to make the changes. Fans–suggestion: stop buying team merchandise. Support the team with the colors but get the owners’ attentions by impacting their bottom line profits. 

Racism is Sports is Supported by MLB Right Now

Racism is Sports is Supported by MLB Right Now

Chief Wahoo is racist. These pictures show the 21st century version of black face, trivializing indigenous people, continuing ignorance and creating the seeds of contempt and hate. it is time for MLB to formally take the team owners to task, demand changes and stop teaching children and young people that identifying a race of people as worthy of caricature is fine in the name of profit. To the team players, you too are responsible since you profit from the team identity. Now that you are not in contention start petitioning for a change.

To the fans of Cleveland and the sport and team: it is time to retire these sdymbols, create a new identity and make it someting everyone in Cleveland and all throughout Amerrica can look on with pride and enjoyment.